Thursday, April 17, 2008

Swiftlets’ Delights

Set up your birdhouse where AF swiftlets abound
Soon your financial position will be sound
Consult a good sifu, to be smart
Someone with good moral value is a good start

Knowledge with capability means superiority
Honesty with integrity is the priority
Success depends on how well you plan
You must do it to the best you can

Mangrove swamps, plantations, rivers and the like
Are what the swiftlets delight
‘Cos there, insects are aplenty
Satisfying their hunger is a necessity

The flying path of the birds must be ascertained
The proper entrance window must be maintained
To and flo, to enter and to exit
An easy access is what they need

Inside the birdhouse
The smell, the sound, the light, the weather and the humidity
Must all be right
If you fail to do it correctly, the birds will not stay overnight

Beware of pests
Beware of the cockroaches and the rats
These you must get rid off
For the birdhouse to be at its best

Swiftlets are not polygamous
At maturity they pair off for life
They are loyal and faithful together
If one dies, ( I wonder) what happen to the other?

What is the life span of a swiftlet?
Twelve to fourteen years, I gather
Anyone who has the answer
Please share it with other bloggers.