Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Viva Swiftlets

Swiftlets Swiftlets flying high and low
In the morning and evening sky, they glow
Twisting and turning, up and down they fly
Searching for insects,they try and try

Far and wide though they may roam
At every sunset, they come home
They brave the storms, the wind and the shine
To be home to rest, so as to be fine

They mate in the clouds
Sometimes they sleep while flying about
In total darkness, they can still locate their own nests
Using echolocation, they are as good as the bats

Man have identified them as good profitable partners
They build them safe homes to shelter them from cold
They help them to grow and multiply in numbers
In return, the swiftlets leave them their pure white gold

Swiflets swiftlets; together we shall prosper
You in your population and me in gold
For those who wish to know more
Ask CKSOON and Harry, they are the ones who know.

(To know about swiftlet farming click here: http://worldofswiftletfarming.blogspot.com/ http://swiftletfarming.blogspot.com/ )