Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Have a way with Sleeping Beauties and grow rich

Keeping concubines is expensive. But keeping Sleeping Beauties (SB) is a sure way to wealth. In stock-market lingo, SB are undervalued stocks with great potentials, lots of cash, and great assets. They are prime targets for takeovers.

Generally SB are illiquid, unloved and undiscovered. Mutual funds, hedge funds and analysts are not interested in them. Traders are not interested in them as well. Once identified and awakened, they become the darlings of the market. Their prices will sky rocket, and those having them can laugh all the way to the bank.

Those who wish to keep SB must have the knowledge to identify them, cash to buy and hold, the time to monitor, and the patience to wait. If you have idle cash, you should start looking for SB. One thing good about them is that they will pay you fairly well while you wait.

I love SB. They are unexciting but they make lots of money for you. And that's what you want. Right?

Don't get married to SB. Once they are overvalued, they should be sold.

You work hard for your money. Make sure they work smart for you.