Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tri-Technology (Nasdaq: TRIT)

Accordingly to the World Bank, 90% of the rivers and lakes in China are heavily polluted. Because of urbanization and industrialization, tons of toxin waste are discharged into these waterways yearly. This is a huge problem for China and a great opportunity for companies that have the technology to help the government mitigate this problem.

TRIT is one of these companies. It is a small company based in Beijing. As at 30.9.2010, the total number of shares issued was only 8.03 million. The company is growing very fast. In 2007, its revenue was $4.7 million; in 2008, it was $8.4 million, and for the 12 months ended 30.9.2010, it reached 35.1 million. The company has cash of $29m and very little debt.

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