Saturday, March 31, 2007

Demon or Angel?

Good intentions will be rewarded; bad ones will be punished. Chest la via!

I speak with a clear conscience. I have nothing to hide.

In Bentong, almost every family has a few acres of land to supplement his livelihood, and having two condos is no big deal either.

I treat all my readers as my friends. There is nothing wrong to let your friends know about yourself and your achievements. Only those who have dishonorable hidden agenda stay hidden.

Linking my name to the super rich is an honor. However, I really feel ashamed about it because I don’t even have 1% of what they have.

Telling your success stories to your friends is not boasting. Those who think it so have nothing to show.

Graduates have a convocation ceremony when they receive their degrees. Do you call that boasting? To me it’s is something to be proud of and a motivation to others.

In the recent downturn, if I say that I lost 1m, does that make you feel any better, demon or angel?

Upgrade yourself or downgrade your dreams. Don’t be jealous of others.