Sunday, October 21, 2012

FBM KLCI from 1997

The 13th GE........??? (Must be held latest by June 27, 2013 according to Wikipedia)

The 12th GE: Mar 28, 2008; The 11th GE: Mar 21, 2004; The 10th GE: Nov 29, 1999

The 09th GE: Apr 25, 1995; The 08th GE Oct 21, 1990. The 7th, 6th, & 5th, find out yourself.

The chart shown above dates back to 1997. The primary trend of the chart has been on the uptrend since 1997. This is a trend in motion and is likely to continue in the same direction. How the market will behave just before and after the 13th GE is anybody's guess. If you know TA, the above chart may be of some use to you. Please remember that TA is an art, not a science.

The only certainty in the stock market is uncertainty.

Good luck, and may God bless your every trade.