Saturday, October 27, 2012

Feng Sui Matters

When you invest in properties, be they lands, condos or landed properties, the first thing you should look at is the Feng Sui of the place.

The most important thing to man is fresh air and water. Man can live without food for 3 weeks. They can't live without water for 3 days and they can't live without air for 3 minutes. Therefore air is your first priority.

A place without fresh air can never be an ideal place to stay. To have fresh air, you must have greens all around you. Dumpsites and factories which produce offensive smell and pollutants must not be nearby. 

When we talk of water we think of rivers. Thus rivers and mountain streams are part and parcel of good Feng Sui. Once you have identified a place that has good Feng Sui, you have to look at many other things as well. The designs of the buildings must be in accord with the Feng Sui. The atmosphere of the place must be calm and serene and yet lively with birds flying about. The feel-good feelings must be there.

There is a residential project in Bentong that has all the basic principles of good Feng Sui. This site has a school nearby. It is only about 2 km from the town. Constructions of the buildings are presently underway. I understand that there are not too many units left after the commencement of booking.

Click here to have a good look. It may serve your purpose well. 

Remember: Opportunity neglected seldom returns.