Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Bentong In The Limelight

Bentong shoots into the limelight, unfortunately for the wrong reason. Here's the interesting article.

Wednesday October 27, 2010

Bentong council paid RM871 for a toilet sign

THE Bentong municipal council paid RM871 for a toilet sign when the item could be bought for only RM65.

This was one of many items the council had grossly overpaid to spruce up its Rest House.

The Auditor-General’s Report said the council had overspent on furniture and fixtures by RM80,594.

Among others, the council spent RM38,700 on a set of spiral pendant lights, although the market price for the item was between RM1,500 and RM9,200.

A total of RM49,420 was spent on 14 nyatoh timber leg armchairs, or RM3,530 each, although the market price for a unit was RM990.

The municipal council also paid RM5,379 each for two units of nya toh timber leg three-seater sofas, which cost RM2,040 each in the market.

Like the “Male” and “Female” toilet signs, other signs were also grossly overpaid.

A “bedroom number” that can be bought at the store for RM38 each cost the council RM542 each.

The council paid RM542 for the “surau” sign, which normally costs RM60.

Three sets of a certain type of wall light, which sells between RM165 and RM225 each in the market, were bought by the local authority at RM968 each.

These items – bedroom signs, toilet signs, surau signs and wall lights – were bought at what was deemed “unreasonable” prices and led to excessive expenditure of RM8,859, the report said.

During an audit check at the Rest House, nine shower curtains, nine curtain tracks, two wall lights and a receptical could not be traced.

The total value of the missing items was RM8,765, said the re-port.