Saturday, October 23, 2010

Lithium, Hybrid Cars and Electric Vehicles

Hybrid cars and electric vehicles (HEV) will be the rage in the immediate future. The beneficiaries to his change are not only the carmakers. Lithium miners will benefit even more.

Lithium will be in great demand and this demand will continue to increase as HEV become more and more popular. This commodity is most efficiently obtained from brines (water strongly impregnated with salt). But not all salt water contains lithium. Seawater does not contain lithium.

The key component in the next-generation electric car batteries is lithium.

One company that is listed in the NYSE stands to benefit the most in this respect. This company has the largest deposits of lithium in the world, thanks to its salt flat known as Salar de Atacama in Chile. Because of its location and the quality of its water, lithium produced by this company is about 30-50% cheaper than other lithium miners. Another advantage for this company is that the climatic condition there is such that the company can work all the year round.

Besides lithium, the company also produces fertilizer and many other industrial chemicals. I think this company will do very well in 2011 and beyond. Its price is likely to shoot up.

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