Sunday, October 17, 2010

Chamang Water Fall, Bentong

The Bentong Chamang Waterfall is indeed a sight to behold. Located about 12 km outside the Bentong town, it is easily accessible by cars and buses. During certain week-ends as many as ten buses have visited the place in a day. If you have not been there, it's time for you to plan a visit.
This place will do well if developed further. The clean water, fresh air and natural atmosphere with its lush flora and fauna greenery coupled with tall trees and mountains are ideal for a week-end retreat. At one time it was rumored to have a cable-car connection to Genting. Unfortunately, the idea did not materialize. If it did, Bentong would have been up-rated and up-graded.
Those with the financial muscles and the right connection should bid to privatize the place and turn it into a viable beautiful resort.
The money is there for the taking. The big boys should think about it.
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