Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Happiness shared is happiness doubled

My Dear Readers,

Happiness shared is happiness doubled
Knowledge shared is knowledge enhanced

My vision is to see this blog as a friendly, knowledgeable, useful, helpful, and educational avenue for all to use and benefit. I call upon my readers to join me towards this aim. If you have any knowledge, wisdom or anything useful which you wish to share with others please post them on this blog.

Your are responsible for you own message. No derogatory or disrespectful remarks, insults, sarcasm or personal attacks are allowed. Please show courtesy & tolerance when posting.

Differences of opinion are welcome. Conflicting views should not be deemed as criticism. Each is entitled to his or her opinion. Kindly ask your friends to join in. All are welcome to make this a happy and prosperous community.

Thank you in anticipation.

Ben Gan.