Thursday, January 18, 2007

Water- the Blue Gold of the 21st century

According to Chris Mayer of Capital & Crisis, a market analysis service for independent investors, water will be the blue gold of the 21st century.

The importance of water needs no introduction. Without water, we can’t survive.

According to Chris, 40% of the rivers and 70% of the lakes in China are polluted. He adds that 310 out of 699 largest cities in China have no wastewater treatment facilities and that most of the 17,000 smaller cities have no water treatment at all. Water-related diseases have surfaced and become more common. Beijing realizes this, and will probably take remedial actions.

Water treatment & water-related companies are the ones to immensely benefit once the world comes to realize that it is imperative to keep our water clean.

In Malaysia, our rivers are not so bad, but polluted as well. If we can privatize our roads, why not privatize our rivers? Make them clean and make them the natural habitats of fish and other water animals. Here and there, develop fishing haven for people to go fishing. Put in small boats for rent and use. I am sure we can do these and transform our rivers into tourists’ attractions. Once the country is beautified, tourism will be enhanced and the gains will be enormous.

Which are the water-related companies we have here? Ask your remiser, if he doesn’t know, switch to a more knowledgeable one.

Love Malaysia. Make it safe. Make it clean.