Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Who’s the next tycoon to follow?

Some are born great; others achieve greatness, and there are others that fortune just favors. Everything they touch turn to gold.

Look at uncle Lim’s baby, Gentling International. From the day, it was awarded the Singapore Sentosa casino license, the stock has gone from strength to strength. From about 40c, less than a month ago, the stock closed at 1.09 (Singapore dollars). A friend of mine was very lucky. He had bought some 100,000 shares at 50 odd cents as the stock trended up.

He told me that he would be adding more to his portfolio. The super baby should become a super boy in the near future, he quipped. Here in Malaysia, as soon as uncle Lim bought a sizable stake in Landmark, the stock shot up from 1.84 to 2.42 in 9 trading days.

Look at Robert Kuok; his Hexagon and Transmile have similar success stories. Now I am on the look out for the next tycoon to follow. Please let me know when you spot one.