Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Ornastel performed to expection in the morning. It went up to a high of 1.46 before trending down to 1.35 probably due to profit taking. It closed at 1.37 for a loss of 4c. Volume shrank to 19,129 lots. A dark cloud has appeared. This is a bearish sign. Is the stock pulling back to move forward? Nobody knows.

The KLCI did well today. With some 1.7405 billion shares traded, it put on 13.92 points to close at 1183.04. The intraday high was 1186 and the low was 1171.94. The were 416 winners and 490 losers.
Now we have 9 white candles in a row. As long as the candles coming in continue to be white, you have nothing to worry.