Friday, February 25, 2011

Outlook for 12 animals

By Sherry Koh | Jan 13, 2011
Feng Shui 2011: Outlook for 12 animals
Feng Shui master Prof Joe Choo shares the overall outlook for the 12 animals in the Chinese calendar. How will your year be? Find out below!

Good news for singles − you will have opportunity to meet your life partner this year. Although there are gossips, you have to take it lightly because you know what you are doing. Money luck is strong during the seventh Chinese month and those born in 1948 are the luckiest among all.
Don’t have to worry over the situation. You have guardian angels with you throughout the year to lift you up and help you solve problems. Those born in 1985, your money luck is exceptionally good; but those born in 1961, you have to watch your health. Don’t overlook it and let it become a serious issue during the first and second Chinese months.
This is a lovely year for tigers; a better year than last year. Guardian angels stand by you throughout the year. Money luck is good during the first Chinese month, but after this period, it will be slow. Therefore, you must have a budget plan, especially while you are travelling. Among the tigers, the luckiest is the 1950’s tiger.
You will be given a special task or project to lead. Complete it without expectation of returns, other than words of appreciation. Those born in 1975 and 1963, your career is good and you will do well financially. It is a good year to learn new knowledge or skills and there are opportunities to push you to do it.
It is a peaceful year, with no major ups and downs. Dragons of 1976 must take care of health and don’t over-stretch yourself. Your money luck is good during the seventh Chinese month.
You are very lucky. Guardian angels always show up when you need help. Those born in 1977 will do well in both career and finance. Friends of opposite sex will bring you opportunities. Money luck is good during the third Chinese month.
The year starts with good news, but you must pace yourself to ensure that your energy lasts throughout the year. Whenever you have problems, remember to go back to your family, as they will give you love and support this year. Those born in 1990 will have travelling luck, but do be careful. You will have extra financial gains in the fourth Chinese month.
There are guardian angels around to help you, so take up a special job or project and show your ability. Your career line is going upward, not in terms of money, but it will make you happy. Life will be smoother after the fifth Chinese month, so just hold on to what you want to do.
Your career is going on an up-curve but not for your finances. Despite this, you will end your year with some celebration. You can avoid financial issues, if you have a plan to follow while you are travelling. Those born in 1968 are going to pick up new knowledge, but do it at your own pace. Your money luck is good in the seventh Chinese month.
One after another good news will come to you. You may get a promotion and a good increment. You have guardian angels helping you in the beginning of the year, and in the second half of the year, you will have good financial income.
Good news for the singles! You have extra financial gain during the fourth Chinese month. Those born in 1958 and 1946, you must take care of your health, especially during the fifth Chinese month.
It may sound difficult to work and study at the same time, but go ahead and do it. There are plenty of guardian angels to lift you up. This will help to elevate your career to a higher level. For those born in 1947, you must take care while you are travelling in the first Chinese month. Everything will move smoothly after the fourth Chinese month.