Sunday, February 27, 2011

Vincent Tan to donate half of this wealth

Vincent Tan pledges to donate half of this wealth.

Wow! that's great! May god bless him.

Bill gates and his wife Melinda and Warren Buffett initiated "The Giving Pledge". For Vincent to join them is indeed an honor for Malaysia.

According to Bernama, Vincent has RM2.43 billion, and is ranked the 12th richest man in the nation. Read the full article here.

The catalyst that triggers Vincent to such an adorable act is hard to fathom. An article about it will surely be interesting.

Vincent, by an act of great generosity, has propelled himself to the top in the list of philanthropists in the country.

I hope other tycoons will join *The Giving Pledge" and make the world a better place.

To Bill Gates, Melinda, Warren Buffett and Vincent Tan, I salute you.