Thursday, March 22, 2007


Genting is known to all and sundry. Many have not heard of Bentong, Actually, Genting is partially in the district of Bentong.

From the foot of Genting to Bentong City (upgraded recently) it takes you about half an hour’s drive by car. Food, land or houses are much cheaper here when compared to those in KL or the Kang Valley. At Tai Tong Restaurant KL, a dinner for 10 costing RM900 can be gotten here for half its price. The quality is more or less the same.

During weekends, many people from KL come to Bentong for their shopping in the wet markets. Presently we do not have any supper markets here yet. I understand that Parkson and Jusco shall be coming soon.

One notable tourist destination in Bentong is the Chamang Water Fall. At one time, as many as seven buses fully loaded of people from other towns or cities used to visit the place during weekends. The government is upgrading and beautifying the place and work is on-going

Durian small holdings are predominant in Bentong. We have some of the best clones here. D24, D78, D88, D2, D96 and Raja Kunnit (The King of Musang) are some of the popular varieties.

My house is in an orchard having an area of 4.5 acres I can see Genting very clearly in a clear night or day. With the help of a telescope, I can even see the windows of the hotels and their colors.

Climatic condition here is much better when compared to KL. The air is cooler and fresher and has more oxygen.

I maybe shifting to Puchong some time next year. I have bought 2 units of condo at Aseana Puteri. The project is under the IOI group. The place sits on a hill and is very lovely.The air is refreshing as well. If any of you wishes to buy a condo, here is one place you should consider. Who knows, we may become neighbors. And if you need an introducer to save RM1000, I can do it for you.

Cheers and all the best.