Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Windfall to Remember

Back in 2003, I was looking for hidden gems to invest. I came across Federal Flour Mill (FFM) and found that it had all the essentials I wanted. Capable and reliable management, Strong balance sheet, high earnings per share, visible earnings, good track record, etc.

What I really liked was that the company was a subsidiary of Perlis Plantation (PPB) whose boss isTan Sri Robert Kuok, the riches man in Malaysia. The stock was then ill-liquid, unloved and unpopular. But for me, it was a lovable beauty; I immediately realized that it was to be my next winner. I started to buy the stock. After a few months of accumulation, I had bought up to 98,000 shares at average price of RM5.35 per share.

To my delight, the stock started to trend up steadily soon after. By March 2004, the stock hit Rm9+ per share after the announcement that PPB wished to privatize the company. It offered RM2 cash & 1 PPB share for every share of FFM. At RM9+ I took partial profit. PPB was then selling at RM7+ per share.

The rest were then taken over by PPB in exchanged for what they offered. Upon completion of the privatization, PPB was selling at RM7+. I started selling my PPB shares and completed my sale by May 2005. PPB later gave a bonus issue of 1 for 1. As at last Friday PPB closed at 5.85

From my initial outlay of RM500,000 plus, I made more than 100% of this amount even without including the dividends received. From the start to the finish, it took me less than two years. Not a mean feat by any standard, I supposed.

As for my losers, they do not merit mentioning because they were rather small.

I believe I have found my next winner. You need to do your own research to find yours.

Cheers! And all the best.

Nothing of value is ever achieved without enthusiasm.