Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Trader's Blues

Here's an interesting poem, full of wit and wisdom; good to read & good to know. It is called:

Trader's Blues

There's trouble on the street today
I can feel it in my bones
I had a premonition that he should not go in alone
I knew his charts were loaded, and he was ready for the kill
Until the stock imploded and the blood began to spill.

So baby, here's your ticket...lick your wounds and slap your hand
Here's a little money now, do it just like we planned
If you're cool for 20 hours, it might pay you 20 grand!

I'm sorry it went down like this, and someone had to lose
It's the nature of the business.
It's the Trader's Blues.

The hedgies and the gurus, market makers and the law,
The pay-offs and the rip-offs, and the things nobody saw
No matter if it's futures, or the stocks that go mo-mo
You've got to get those loaded charts 'cause it's all about the dough.

There's tons of shady characters, lots of dirty deals
Every name's an alias in case somebody squeals
It's the lure of easy money, got a very strong appeal
Perhaps you'll understand it better standin' in his shoes

It's the ultimate enticement
It's the Trader's Blues

You see it in the headline, you hear it every day
They say they're gonna stop it, but it doesn't do away
They move it through an ECN or flip it on the NAS
They hide it up in ARCA, and I mean it's here to stay!

It's propping up the governments and big fat global stew
You ask any SEC man, he'll say "Nothin' we can do."

From the verbose newsletter writer back down to me and you
It's a losing proposition but one you can't refuse.

It's the politics of fear and greed
It's the Trader's Blues... Janice Dorn, M.D., Ph.D. (with apologies and gratitude to Glenn Fry and "Smuggler's Blues")